Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Project: Gamp Prints

Alright, so I literally just finished sketching...I got an early start this week then didn't do much until this morning. It's really hard getting back into school mode. I can foresee this project being pushed to the back burner later in the quarter, but I'm gonna try and not let that happen.

So, my first set of prints are all based on the word gamp, aka umbrellas. In my opinion they turned out a little child like, which is ok i guess because I never really specified what age I would be working into. I guess on for my second project I will choose a category (men, women, children, home) and an age range if necessary. I decided to choose tonals for each print because my original idea was for most of the prints to be sketchy like the dickens sketch I posted earlier this week. That's not really my style, so i pushed it as much as I could in 6 days. Overall, I'm satisfied, not extremely excited for all of them, but hey, I had fun.

1 comment:

  1. the umbrellas turned out pretty cool!- your brother Jim.