Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was just thinking about my color palettes for each week....should I choose new colors each time or choose one palette for every month?... I' thinking I need to choose a color pallete focused on each separate word because each one will evoke a different emotion, state or physicality it's not like the words will be related....hmm that's a thought, chooseing one word and then chooseing 3 other synonyms of that word for the rest of the month so I get a complete collection instead of just 5 random prints every week. No nevermind I need to stick with my original thought process, this is an exercise I want to do to improve my skills and keep myself focused. Ok, It's decided then. Even if it's more work for me, I'm gonna choose a new color palette each week based on the random word I choose and design around that word.

Ok I'm gonna extend my rules as well...

Monday: Choose a random word from the dictionary and Decide on Color Palette
Tuesday: Find Inspirational Pictures
Wednesday-Saturday: Draw like crazy
Sunday: Post my final work!

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