Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Post: Project Statement

So I only have 3 more days left at my internship in Dallas, and I really don't have much to do anymore, so I figured I'd start a blog. I really want to expand my portfolio to show my love for print design, but unfortunately the unfocused creative side of me comes out whenever I try and do projects on my own. I figured that making it all public would force me to keep up with my work....so here's the deal....

Step One....steal my mom's really old beautifully bound leather dictionary.

Step Two....Every Monday I will open the dictionary to a random page and choose a random word. This word will be my focus for the week.

Step Three....Design 5 prints that associate with that word.

Step Four....Post inspiration and process pieces I work on throughout the week.

Step Five....Post my final 5 prints by Sunday.

My project will start on my first day of my last summer quarter of school June 21st.

(So you can only choose from like 6 fonts when using this blog, futura isn't one of them sadly, but Webdings is...i was really temped to choose webdings and see if anyone would copy and paste it to see what I was really typing.) Did you do it?

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